The Cool Side of the Pillow
My name is Yocelyn Riojas and this is my tumblr!!! I'm an ATEC student from UTDallas still looking for my focus.
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“When you don’t have many friends and you don’t have a social life you’re kind of left looking at things, not doing things. There’s a weird freedom in not having people treat you like you’re part of society or where you have to fulfill social relationships.” - Tim Burton

Sometimes I wish I could leave Texas and explore a new place. Especially when searching for my muse. I am in need for some inspiration. Animation is great but, I really desire to let out my frustrations with crazy paint splatters on a canvas. I think it’s time to plan an adventure. 

jaymur (via perceiving-change)

Your journey is your own, ups and down’s, triumphs and trouble, dark times and light. It is unique to you, magical and never to be repeated. Accept all the twists and turns with joy for who knows where you will end up.
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